“An old proverb says, “May you live in interesting times.” There can be no doubt that, thanks to the recently concluded U.S. elections, the last year has been well beyond interesting. The divisiveness in tone and subjects of debate during the campaign were unlike anything seen since the early years of the United States.

While life science policy issues were hardly discussed by the presidential candidates, many of the subjects that were front and center, most notably immigration, could have direct and harmful impact on the American biomedical research enterprise. Too many Americans are worried that the acrimonious tone of the campaign is an indication of the way President-Elect Trump will lead our country.

The ASCB takes great pride in being an inclusive organization with diverse leadership and members. Like you, we are concerned that the tone of the campaign and the policy goals of the incoming administration could be in direct conflict with the diversity and inclusiveness that most fundamentally define the very fabric of our Society and the science community at large.

ASCB’s Public Policy Committee, under the leadership of Committee chair Connie Lee and ASCB Public Policy Director Kevin Wilson, is carefully monitoring the moves of President-Elect Trump’s new administration for signals about the way it will lead our nation. We hope that we will be able to work with the new President on behalf of basic biomedical research. At the same time, we stand prepared to strongly oppose actions by the new administration that could harm the research community in the United States.

The ASCB continues to serve as your voice in Washington on issues affecting our community. Keep in mind, however, that ASCB members residing in the United States should share their thoughts and concerns on any issue with their elected officials. It’s not hard, so please take the time to call, write, or email your elected officials. Your messages can make a huge difference.

Peter Walter, PhD
ASCB President

Erika Shugart, PhD
ASCB Executive Director”

from an email to ASCB members on Nov 17, 2016