Introduction – our motivation in creating the group, structure, rules.

Why are we here?
We broke into small groups and discussed what we would like to get out of the group.  Themes that emerged:

  1. Learning how to engage with government, the media, each other
  2. Connecting with other civic scientists
  3. Building community/collaborators
  4. Mitigating a feeling of helpless, converting it into power
  5. Working to improve our local scientific community
  6. Improving scientific communication to the public
  7. Outreach to other people/regions/underrepresented groups
  8. Being active in and accountable for our desire to help
  9. Increase the influence of science in public policy
  10. Share information and resources to educate ourselves

What can we do?
We pointed the group to this website and the various resources we are accumulating here, including things that you can do right now on your own (see Take Action section).   We then broke into small groups to brainstorm about projects that we could undertake, both short and long term, in various areas of concern.  We wrote these ideas on post-its, clustered them, and presented them to the entire group. We then voted on these ideas by each placing blue dot stickers on the projects we found particularly compelling (see Take Action). These ideas serve as the starting point for our working groups in our next meeting.