We decided on the structure for future meetings.  We will have 3 short presentations (~5 mins each) either from working groups or outside speakers, briefing us on various topics.  We will then break into a small number of ongoing working groups.  Not all working groups will convene each week; group leaders will notify us which groups will convene on a particular date and we’ll let everyone know in the weekly email. Occasional meetings may substitute working group time for extended training for the whole group on a particular topic, either lead by a sciencefor2020 member or outside expert.

We had three short presentations about:

The Donors Choose project – we contributed to 3 successfully funded projects and have chosen a fourth to support (see http://www.sciencefor2020.org/wordpress1/project/support-science-education/).  The education outreach group is working on how to maintain and extend this effort and link it to our long term goals as group.

PubPub – an open source platform for collaborative science projects developed by the MIT Media lab that may be useful for our education projects (see https://www.pubpub.org/)

350.org – a grassroots organization advocating to fight climate change.  Two members have attended local meetings and found them useful for defining specific legislative goals and learning organizational tactics (see https://350.org/)

We convened the education outreach, communication, and scientific culture working groups.