In our first meeting of 2017 we had heard updates on progress made over the break, discussed rallying people on campus to attend the Boston Women’s March for America, and decided on 3 main projects on which to focus this Spring.


Educational Outreach  ––  Since we started a pilot to directly fund science teachers in under-resourced middle schools we have successfully funded 5 projects! We discussed how to expand this initiative by advertising projects at scientific seminars across our respective institutions.

Diversity  ––  The Student Diversity Initiative at Harvard has been organizing recruitment visits to colleges across the US, coinciding with faculty traveling to give seminars. These typically involve a meeting between the faculty member a undergraduates from groups under-represented at the graduate level, with the goal being to encourage students to apply to graduate school or otherwise to pursue a career in science. They are putting together a protocol for arranging these events in order to expand this initiative. We discussed how as a group we could coordinate arranging a larger number of visits this year.

Science Communication  ––  Science In The News, a student-run organization that seeks to bridge the communication gap between scientists and non-scientists is developing a ‘kit’ to help enable similar groups to get of the ground at other institutions.

Women’s March for America, Boston

This large scale peaceful march will take place on Saturday January 21st and the details can be found here. We plan meet beforehand at Harvard Medical School at 9.30-10am for coffee & cookies before traveling to the march together (leaving at 10.30 and taking public transit). Join us for sign-making at our next meeting on Wednesday 18th. In the meantime we will advertise the march across science departments in our respective institutions.

Projects to focus on

For the next few months we have agreed to focus on three main initiatives:

  1. Expanding our efforts to fund science teachers in middle schools
  2. Setting up a seminar series on Science and Society to inform ourselves and the community at Harvard Medical School about ways in which scientists can get involved in social issues
  3. Supporting the Student Diversity Initiative in expanding their current recruitment initiative

We also agreed to spend one of our upcoming meetings educating ourselves about effective civic engagement by reading and discussing the excellent Indivisible Guide.