Who we are

We are students, postdocs, staff and faculty who work in science at Harvard Medical School and other nearby institutions, including Boston University, the Broad Institute and MIT. We are brought together by our desire to make positive change in society and government. We are committed to using our expertise and resources to work toward practical solutions in service of our shared values. We are just getting started; there is so much work to do, and many ways to participate.

This is a personal initiative for each of us, and Sciencefor2020 and this website are entirely independent of our work lives. Statements here should not be taken as reflecting the official position of any of the institutions at which we work.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the civic engagement of the scientific community.  We take action within the scientific and educational communities, work to engage the public with science, and increase our participation in the political process.  We are brought together by our shared values: respect for a diversity of viewpoints, supporting ideas with evidence, and the importance of rational public discourse..

How we achieve our goals

There are many ways to be civically engaged; there are a wide variety of topics and modes of public service.  We focus our efforts on CONNECTING with allied groups to maximize our impact, TRAINING our members in key issues and new skills, and EMPOWERING our members to take meaningful action through joining existing projects or developing new ones.



We all have a lot to learn. Through workshops, seminars and discussion groups, we train our members in relevant issues and skills for effective advocacy.


There are a large number of allied advocacy groups both locally and nationally. We connect with these groups, support their existing efforts and develop new projects together.


We help you take meaningful action by matching your interests and available time to tasks and leadership roles. We are here to support you in identifying existing projects, or developing and executing new ones.