Supporting Science Teachers in Public Schools

Our scientific research community is committed to supporting scientists working and learning in classrooms all across the country. Sciencefor2020 is therefore working to fund public school science teachers in under-resourced communities through DonorsChoose, a crowdsourcing site that enables school teachers to propose classroom projects and ask for funding for the necessary materials. This project has several interlocking goals.


1 We aim to directly support public school science teachers in their crucial mission of training students to think critically, and to develop important skills that will be valuable to them in their future careers.  We focus primarily on schools that serve low-income students, who have most to gain from developing these skills.

2 We aim to forge connections with communities that have very different needs and priorities from ours, and to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges these communities face and how public policies can help address them.  We are focusing on high poverty communities outside of the Northeast and local schools here in Massachusetts.  In the long term, we hope that representatives of ScienceFor2020 can visit some of the schools we support and make personal connections with teachers, students and parents.

3 We hope to show students and their parents that although there are real divisions in our country, people they have never met and who are far away from them both physically and culturally still care about them and want them to succeed.   Given the divisive nature of the campaigns in the 2016 election, this seems to us to be sorely needed.


Please consider a donation to one of our current projects !


Mr. Doherty, MA

“We regularly talk with our students about the relationship between Science and Math, and how the critical thinking skills and mathematical foundations that they are starting to develop in MS & HS Math are the key to accessing the advanced fields in science that make our lives today so much better (and also provide great jobs!). It’s awesome to see a group of professionals at who recognize the important connections between science, civic engagement, an informed population and a better world; and are who are willing to donate their time and resources to help make that happen!”

Mrs. Jones, GA

“First let me start by saying thank you for your donations. They have made a tremendous impact on our students. The process of writing for the donation and well as the feeling of success has done wonders for our students. Because of your donation our students now have real tools that “real” gardeners use. … Students got to not only see but use simple machines. They now have a better understanding of a fulcrum, a lever, and a wedge. Our students know that if we set goals and work towards achieving those goals that anything is possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Mrs. Drew, SC

“Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated! I know my students will be thrilled to receive these robots and google cardboard kits. We can do so many exciting and hands-on lessons with these supplies. Technology integration has become such an important part of learning and with this project, my students can be inspired to learn. Thank you again!”

Mrs. Warren, FL

“Thank you for your generosity! You are making a difference in the education and lives of many students by choosing to fund my project. My students are going to love the hands-on activities that will inspire critical thinking and deepen their knowledge in math. Thank you for helping us grow our brains.”

Mr. Chen, MA

“We really appreciate your support for our initiatives on engaging families using robotics learning! This will be a fun, safe, and engaging opportunity for our student to build a robot that can cross a customized maze using and writing their own code to solve the puzzle! We are so glad that this project is fulfilled! We cannot thank you enough for your support!… I am confident that this project will bring a major impact on family engagement, and a great time for learning for our students!”

Mrs. Lee, MS

“Thank you so much for all your contributions! My heart is overjoyed in knowing that we share the same interest in Science and want to ensure that students are given the opportunity to explore and possibly develop their own interest and love for Science as well. Thank you so much!”

Mr. Hernandez, MA

“On behalf of my students and I we thank you for helping us achieve Scientific success! With your help my students will now be able to increase their critical thinking skills (and put it to practice in Science centers). I am very thrilled and excited!”

Mrs. C, FL

“Words are not enough to say how much my students and I are really appreciative of the support. There was much excitement in the classroom when I announced the funding”

Mrs. Dau, FL

“Thank you so much for funding our Renewable Energy Stem project. My students will be so excited! I am hoping to inspire a new generation of clean energy engineers, and this project will give them all a chance to have hands on practice on what we will learn in our renewable energy unit.

I am so grateful that others see the worth of this project, and are willing to help our students succeed and be inspired to become globally conscious and future engineers!”

Mr. Smith, GA

“Thank you so much for donating to this great cause. My students are going to enjoy all of the activities, bringing science to life for each one of them. I’m sure that my 8th grade physical science class will never be the same”

What you can do:

• Volunteer to promote this project in your department, through signs or short presentations at seminars.  

• Promote our project page on your own social media channels or in your email signature (it’s always updated with current projects!)

• Volunteer to help organize this effort