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Are you interested in conveying accurate science to the public and legislators, and correcting misinformation in the media?


Are you interesting in advocating for sound environmental policy, specifically to mitigate climate change?


Are you interested in improving public education in schools and through outreach programs?


Are you interested in interacting with our state and federal legislators and participating in the electoral process?


Are you interested in increasing gender/cultural diversity in science careers, advocating for citizen scientists, and moving toward open science?


Are you interested in equal access to quality healthcare for everyone?

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Educating scientists on civic engagement

There is a strong interest in educating ourselves as a community about how we can be more civically engaged, better communicators and effective advocates for scientific principles.  There are an astounding number of opportunities and resources available to us in Boston, both inside and outside of our universities. Sciencefor2020 members are organizing new informal curricula and putting together a seminar series on Science and Society to be held at Harvard Medical School and open to all.

Supporting Public School Science Teachers

We are directly supporting science teachers in public schools across the country and locally in the Boston area. We seek out science-related projects through DonorsChoose and garner support to fund them through advertising them in our community. Through this effort we aim to encourage creativity and critical thinking among the next generation of citizens. We also hope to demonstrate to science teachers near and far how much we scientists value their important role.

Call your representatives

Participate in democracy between elections by expressing your views to our elected representatives
Numerous apps make contacting your legislators straightforward and unintimidating by providing relevant phone numbers and suggested scripts.  Resistbot allows you to text your legislators, and will deliver your message by fax. Remember that contacting your legislators is most effective if you are a constituent and can provide your name and address. Ideas to make this act of civic engagement even easier for yourself include: using Resistbot (which will text you reminders), use a calling app (such as 5 Calls), and saving the phone numbers of your local representatives in your phone.

Get involved with other local groups

Numerous well-established groups are working locally to promote public engagement in science and help protect the environment; a few examples are below. We can help you connect with these groups as well!

Science In The News bridges the communication gap between scientists and non-scientists by providing free and open seminars, as well as by writing articles and hosting podcasts to explore scientific topics of general interest.

Interested in writing about science or giving a public seminar? Contact SITN to find out how you can get involved. is an international effort to raise awareness about climate change and to act to reduce the carbon concentration in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million. the Massachussetts branch holds bi-weekly meetings across Boston, including in Cambridge and Jamaica Plain. They coordinate advocacy efforts towards implementing environmentally conscious legislation in the Massachussetts legislature. is a new grassroots campaign founded to bring innovation to teaching in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), seek real solutions to climate change, and to help get STEM-trained candidates into public office.
The Union of Concerned Scientists is a non-profit organization that implements scientific solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. They are asking scientists to help prevent the dismantling of science-based laws and to counter misinformation of scientific issues. You can sign up to be part of their distributed watchdog network here.