Helpful materials for engaging with society and public policy

"We cannot shrink from—or escape—our responsibilities to both the present and the future. Violence, hatred, and divisiveness put all of us at risk; they put our society at risk; they put the very idea and purpose of universities at risk. In the face of such challenges, we must together demonstrate what it means to be a community enriched, not embattled, by difference and diversity; we must listen generously to one another across disagreement; we must model reasoned and respectful discourse and argument; we must all support those in our community who may feel vulnerable or under attack. And together we must use our capacities and our values—our important work as scholars, educators, and learners; our shared commitment to truth, understanding, and compassion—to help heal the wounds and divisions this election has so powerfully brought to light. Harvard has done this “through change and through storm” for almost four hundred years. Now it is our turn and our responsibility."

–Excerpt of a Letter from Harvard President Faust to the Community

More Resources




41hoq4doohlThe Troublemaker's Teaparty by Charles Dobson

This is a quick read with practical tips on how to build and lead small grassroots activist groups.  It includes strategies for defining the purpose of the group, facilitating discussions, resolving conflicts and much more.

Hard copy available in the DePace lab.  Also available on Amazon.


The Public Professor by M.V. Lee Badget

This outlines how to translate your academic expertise into influence in the public sphere.  Though mostly aimed at faculty, it contains useful tips for students and postdocs as well.

Available on Amazon.